About me

Photo: Elina Sola/Tensememori

I am an Oslo based visual artist working mainly with video, film and live visual performance. I’m interested in exploring different analogue techniques combined with new media processes. I’m also interested in writing – and contemplating on how to communicate just enough but not too much.

I grew up in the valley Reisadalen in Nord-Troms, in the arctic part of Norway, surrounded by beautiful nature and great storytellers. I have both Kven and Sámi roots, and thematically in my work I am focusing on this, as well as queer and/or feminist topics.

I’ve done live performances with stage artists, and experimental films for theater, and I enjoy exploring different media and collaborating with other artists. While living in Berlin for years I was co-funder and active member of the feminist VJ-collective Tensememori with Eliana Sola & Marija Lucic. Together we did live visual performances in galleries, clubs and events. My short films and video works have been shown in exhibitions and film festivals around the world.

Currently I’m working on the A/V performance “Pyssyjoki”, that will have it’s premiere in Tromsø at Vårscenefest on May 2nd 2024 – a performance created together with composer and musician Kristine Hansen.

I also have several new film projects in the making. One is an artistic eco-feminist documentary project – a collaboration with photographers and Sámi activists on human interventions and the damaging caused on the indigenous land.

In addition I am currently finishing my MFA at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, where I did my solo exhibition with the Kven title “Veri ja Terva” – about roots, blood and tar.

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