About me

Photo: Elina Sola/Tensememori

I am a visual artist working with films, expanded cinema and live visual performance – in the blurry field or between art and film. I’m currently based in Oslo, where I’m doing an MFA at the Oslo Art Academy. Combining analogue processing and new media is what I’m currently busy doing. Exploring alternative ways of projecting films.

I grew up in the valley Reisadalen in Nordreisa, in the arctic part of Norway, surrounded by beautiful nature and great storytellers. I have both Sámi and Kven roots, and thematically in my work I am focusing on this, as well as queer and/or feminist topics.

I’ve done live performances with stage artists, and experimental films for theatre, and I enjoy exploring different media and collaborating with other artists. While living in Berlin for many years I was part of the feminist VJ-collective Tensememori with Eliana Sola & Marija Lucic. Together we did live visual performances in galleries, clubs and events. My films and video works have been shown in exhibitions and film festivals around the world.

I am now working on the project Buot gullá oktii – an artistic documentary in collaboration with art photographer Adrian Bugge and Sámi activist Beaska Niillas, about the human interventions and the damaging it causes on indigenous Sámi land. The film is being produced in my company Trapes Film.

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