About me

Photo: Elina Sola/Tensememori

I’m a visual artist from the north of Norway. My main media is video/film, but I also work with photography, collages, drawing, text and sculpture. I’m currently based in Oslo, where I’m doing a MA in fine art at KHiO (Oslo Art Academy). I owner and CEO at Trapes Film, a film production company focusing on queer, feminist, sami and/or kven content. At the moment the documentary Gassko by Regina Steen Bergman is in development, as well as a surreal kven thriller.

Images and storytelling has always been , and film making came as a natural extension – or addition, to the still photography. I enjoy exploring different media and collaborating with other artists, and I’ve done live performances with stage artists and experimental films for theatre. Thematically I’m interested in queer identity, sexuality, and cultural affiliation.

I also do live video editing – VJ-ing, and I love it! While living in Berlin (BC – before corona) I was co-founding the feminist video art collective Tensememori (with Eliana Sola & Marija Lucic), and we’ve done live visuals in galleries, clubs and events.

Thanks for being in here, hope to see you irl!