About me

Photo: Elina Sola/Tensememori

I’m a visual artist from Nordreisa, Norway. My main media is video/film, but I also work with photography, collages, drawing, text and sculpture. I’m currently based in Oslo, where I’m doing a MA in fine art at the Art Academy.

Thematically I’m interested in queer identity, sexuality, psychology, feminism and cultural affiliation. I’m using new media as well as analogue processing – often in combination, and I’m exploring expanded cinema and alternative methods/ways of screening films. Growing up surrounded by nature and great storytellers, I always had an urge to express myself artistically. After doing photography for some years I started working more with moving images and films.

I’ve done live performances with stage artists and experimental films for theatre, and I enjoy exploring different media and collaborating with other artists. I was in Berlin for some years and was part of the feminist VJ-collective Tensememori, with Eliana Sola & Marija Lucic. Together we did live visual performances in galleries, clubs and events.

I am focusing on queer, feminist, Sámi and/or kven content in my work, also when producing films with my company Trapes Film. At the moment I’m working on a documentary, Gassko – a portrait of the Sámi and queer activist, artist and poet Timimie Märak, directed by Regina Steen Bergman, as well as Buot gullá oktii – an artistic film collaboration between photographer Adrian Bugge and me, about the human interventions and the damaging it causes on indigenous Sámi land.

Thanks for being in here, hope to see you irl!