About me

Photo: Elina Sola

I’m a North Norwegian visual artist/filmmaker and writer, living and loving between Nordreisa (Norway) and Berlin. The contrasts between these places are huge, which I find that very inspiring.

I started doing art photography at the age of 17, which means I have done it for some twenty years already – it’s been quite a journey! Over the years I’ve had a few epiphanies, moments where I’ve suddenly realised something that would have a significant importance in my way of living my life or seeing the world. A big one was the discovery of film as an art form in the late 90’s. I was 18 and studied art photography in Oslo, and a girl in my class took me with her to the cinematheque and I was sold. I believe I still owe her for that.

Some years later I studied film at Nordland Kunst og Filmskole in Lofoten. One of the most beautiful places on earth… Moving images and film was for me a natural progression of creating still images. The difference is not so great, after all it’s about finding stories and being in a constant prossess. So that’s what I do, and I enjoy having one foot in the film business and the other in the art scene.

As an artist I love to explore and work with different media! I make experimental films for theatre and art spaces as well as working with more conventional film projects. I make analogue and digital photography, collages, sculpture and drawing/painting. Together with the feminist art collective Tensememori I work with different new media and live editing techniques for various events.

My curiousity has brought me here and I intend to continue letting it guide me into several more exciting adventures in the future!