About me

Photo: Elina Sola Bussas/Tensememori

I’m a North Norwegian visual artist/filmmaker and writer, living and loving between Nordreisa (Norway) and Berlin. The contrasts between these places are huge and I find them inspiring.

I’ve studied art photography at NISS in Oslo, and later film at Nordland Kunst og Filmskole in Lofoten. I was always interested in art photography and making films came as a natural extension – or addition, to the still photography. For me the difference is not so big, after all it’s about visual storytelling weather it is still or moving images.

As an artist I love to explore and work with different media and collaborate with other artists. I make experimental films for theater and art spaces as well as working with more conventional film projects. I make analogue and digital photography, collages, sculptures and drawings/paintings. Together with the feminist art collective Tensememori I produce video material and live edit it in VJ performances.

My curiosity has brought me here and I intend to continue letting it guide me into exciting adventures in the future!