Video, 2017

“Lipstick Sync” is a conversation between two people in a bathtub. The focus is on the woman’s lips, which are, instead of addressing the man she is talking to, the whole time turned towards the camera. She thus physically turns away from him and speaks to the viewer instead. Her smudged out lipstick lights up in the bright blue UV light, but the conversation stands in contrast to the absurd and screaming visual expression.

The conversation is about female divinity, how literacy became the origin of patriarchy and that the female body can seem offensive. The space between sexes turns into an incognito area between bodily desire, stereotype and depth. When a man and a woman meet in the intimate space, alone, it is not necessarily a safe space. How can the male gaze affect the experience of oneself as a woman?

With Noora Palotie and Roy Boswell. Video, 4:18 min, Finnish – Eng. Subtitles, Germany 2017